Waterbourne SUP

SUP Racing Evolved.  The wind calls - we follow.  

Three Days.  Four Race Formats.


1) Race Format One:  200m Sprints.  

Fastest Paddler on Earth-style 200m Sprints.  

Ideal conditions: Flatwater, little or no wind. 

Course: Close to shore between two marks. Water start and finish. Individual race. 

SUP Divisions: 14’ & Under Raceboard

14’ World record: 53:12 sec Connor Baxter @ The Lost Mills 2017.

The 200m Sprint Race is a coveted SUP title, previously held in NZ by Marcus Hansen.  The 200m event is an ideal race for athletes from other sporting disciplines to fast-track their way to the top.  Ski paddlers, OC1, cross-fitters or triathletes could surprise themselves.  A straight-line course, one way, all power and short burst energy.  This race requires pure grunt.  Digitally timed.  May the fastest paddler win.


2) Race Format Two: Ocean Clash (SUP v Kite v Windsurf) Downwinder.

Long Distance Multi Sport Harbour Race

Ideal Conditions: Northerly Wind >15knots

Course: 10km (approx) Downwind Race starting at Petone, then around Somes/Matiu Island and into Eastbourne. 

SUP Divisions and Handicap: 14’ Raceboard 4min, Open Unlimited + SUP Foils 11min, Inflatable/Surfboard 0min.

The Ocean Clash is a totally new concept in SUP Racing.  Stand Up Paddlers are pitted against foilers, windsurfers and kiters, with a handicap of up to 40min* on this long distance course.  If the wind is right, and the paddler has a reasonable skill level, who knows what code will trump?  This course is an open ocean endurance race, all paddlers attempting this course should be trained and competent in extreme conditions, must wear a PFD and leash, carry a whistle and emergency flare.  Appropriate nutrition and hydration are advised.  Costumes encouraged.



3) Race Format Three: Technical Course Racing.

Spectacular technical course racing around a fixed-buoy course.

Ideal conditions: <18 knots wind.  (If 18knots+ Technical racing will be at Petone).

Course Options: 2km or 4km M-shaped or Triangle course @ Eastbourne

5km Around Ward Island Race @ Eastbourne

1.5km/3.5km/7km Beach Dash @ Petone

3km River Run @ Petone

SUP Divisions: 14’ Raceboard, Inflatable/Surfboard. 

Battle of the Paddle style technical racing, with multiple laps and buoy turns, different wind directions, current, waves and chop to contend with.  This race requires technical prowess, paddle fitness and speed to win, but the shorter course length options are also suitable for paddlers new to SUP racing.  Depending on your board and experience, a 2km race should take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Test your skills.


4) Race Format Four: Teams Relay

Fun pink relay race in teams of four to help improve NZers quality of life after cancer.

Ideal conditions: <15knots wind. (If 15knots+ Teams Relay will be held at Petone).

Course: Short 500m lap course where each team member paddles in pink costume once around the course, then hands over the board and paddle to their next team member to complete a lap.  When all four team members have finished one lap each, the team carries the board over the finish line together.  Exact course will be on display at the event and announced at briefing, but will likely be a basic triangle course, suitable for all levels of paddler.  Depending on your board and experience the whole event should take between 20min and one hour to complete.  Teams compete on and OFF the water to see who can raise the most funds.

SUP Divisions:  Open. If an XL Team SUP is used, the whole team must paddle four laps, plus one extra lap.

  • Race format for Day One and Day Three will be announced on Facebook the night before and confirmed at the briefing.  

  • Day Two (Ocean Clash) is scheduled for Saturday morning but can be rescheduled if conditions are not ideal.

  • All SUP Races will be held in the morning, and Paddle For Hope Teams Relay at 12pm.  

  • All SUP Races are subject to change to suit conditions on the day.

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CLICK HERE for the Notice of Race


Paddle For Hope

With a focus on having fun and raising money for your chosen charity, the ‘Paddle for Hope’ is something worth being a part of. CLICK HERE to get more information.

Registration for the Paddle for hope will be announced soon. If you are interested in creating a team CLICK HERE to keep updated.



Day One

7am-9am Registration and Competitor Check-in

9.15am SUP Briefing

9.45am SUP Race Start


Day Two

10am Ocean Clash Distance Briefing

9.30-11.30am Registration and Check-in for PFH@W

10am-11.30am PFH@W Have-a-go Sessions

11am Ocean Clash Distance Race Start

11.45am PFH@W Briefing for all Team Members

12pm PFH@W Teams Relay Starts

1pm Live Auction and PFH@W Prizegiving


Day Three

SUP Briefing 9.30am

SUP Race Start 9.45am


Gear Transport

Competitors traveling from the north island will have the option to take advantage of free gear transport. This is available for the first 25 windsurfers and 20 stand up paddlers.

We encourage you to bag your items to minimise the risk of damage.


SUP allowance

  • 1 SUP board
  • 2 paddles 


Windsurf allowance

  • 2 boards
  • 3 sails
  • 2 booms
  • 3 masts


SUP Courses

Waterbourne Ocean Clash South windWaterbourne Ocean ClashM Course SUP - WaterbourneBOX Course Eastbourne - Waterbourne200m Sprint Petone - Waterbourne200m SPINTS Eastbourne - Waterbourne5km Ward island - waterbourne3KM river Run Petone - Waterbourne2 and 4km M course Petone - Waterbourne1.5 35 and 7.5KM Beach dash Petone - Waterbourne


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