Set against the gentle chirps of the tuis and the groaning of the native pohutakawas, Waterbourne will be the home to some the best windsurfing action in the country.  With world class conditions and a vibrant beach atmosphere, Waterbourne is an event you can't afford to miss.

Whether you are looking to have a blast with friends or get the adrenaline pumping with the best, Waterbourne will surpass expectations and bring your windsurfing to a whole new level. The fresh green grass at the event site has a lot to offer from a Saturday market and live music to on the water action.

Waterbourne will be the first stage of the Pacific Windsurf Cup bringing sailors from Tahiti, New Caledonia, Australia and Hawaii together as they fight to get qualification for the PWA World Tour. To be crowned Waterbourne champion, sailors will not only have to perform in slalom racing (70% of result) but also in the all new 'Waterbourne Ocean Clash' (30% of result) providing a whole new dimension to title (New Zealand citizens will also be fighting for their national ranking). 

New Zealand citizens will also be fighting to be crowned national slalom windsurfing champion. This result will be counted in the same way as the overall result (70% downwind slalom and 30% Waterbourne Ocean Clash)

Whether it's the prevailing north westerly or southerly you are guaranteed world class conditions in Eastbourne, Lower Hutt providing rolling swell and choppy water depending on the wind direction. Not only will the sea state provide exciting conditions but the world renowned wind guarantees a great spectacle for families and friends watching from the shore.

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Waterbourne Ocean Clash

Competing or watching from the beach, there is plenty to see with windsurfing, kiteboarding and stand up paddle boarding all together. The Waterbourne Ocean Clash is something you don't want to miss, all disciplines will be battling together with slight handicaps to allow slower vessels the chance to win the overall race.

Whether it's the prevailing north westerly or southerly you are guaranteed world class conditions where the beach can get rolling swell and choppy water depending on the wind direction.

Dress Up

Whether you are in it to win or just to have some fun. Come along and dress to impress as we will have a judging panel with prizes for the winners. As health and safety is a priority we will have a officer checking costumes to ensure they will not inhibit you in the water. We encourage all participants to use life jackets where morph suits are not allowed.

Waterbourne Ocean Clash course


Gear Transport

Waterbourne competitors traveling from the north island will have the option to take advantage of free gear transport. This is available for the first 25 windsurfers and 20 stand up paddlers.

We encourage you to name ‘tag and bag’ your items together to minimise the risk of damage and ease of collection before and after the event site.

Windsurf allowance

    • 2 boards 
    • 3 sails
    • 2 booms
    • 3 masts


SUP allowance

    • 1 SUP board
    • 2 paddles



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