Event Info

What is waterbourne

Waterbourne is the biggest watersports and beach festival in New Zealand. Run by Waterbourne Charitable Trust, this one of a kind event celebrates kiwi culture and highlights the best of what New Zealand has to offer. This is not your ordinary festival or event, where Waterbourne is full of music, water sports and public activities suitable for all ages.

Our Vision

Waterbourne is embarking on a journey to build a sustainable beach festival which not only encourages the protection of New Zealand's coastlines and oceans, but helps rebuild them. We intend to educate people on sustainability and water safety, whilst providing memorable experiences both on the land and water!


This event originally started in 2017 in Eastbourne, Wellington where Squid Events Limited worked with Hutt City Council to combine New Zealand's love of being in, near and on the water with our country's unique social culture. Eastbourne is an outer suburb located on the Eastern shore of Wellington harbour, with a population of under 5000. Originally the Waterbourne logo of the three water droplets represented the joining of the three sports; windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddleboarding. With this new era beginning the meaning has evolved, representing the celebration of watersports, music and beach culture.  

Over recent years this event has attracted more attention from around the country where it will now host the GWA World Cup in Tauranga New Zealand.