Tip Top Paddle Ninja Games

Are you the next Paddle Ninja?

2022 Ninja Games will look a bit different as we take it to schools and have an inter school competition. With Tauranga Boys, Tauranga Girls and Mount Maunganui College all confirmed, it will be exciting to see some water action.

We’ve all seen extreme sports shows and obstacle courses on t.v and now Waterbourne is bringing the challenge to you. Do you think you have the speed to win? The balance to stay on your board? The agility to conquer the obstacles?

Finish, flop or fail, this challenge provides entertainment for those participating and those watching. Get your kids involved, racing open to school students only. Taking place in Mt Maunganui on Wednesday 8th of March, where equipment will be provided for any student who wants to try their luck.

Be in to Win Ice Cream

We are excited to have some amazing prizes up for grabs thanks to Tip Top. During the Tip Top Ninja Games, there will be up to 1 months worth of ice cream up for grabs. Be in it to win it!

Water Safety at Waterbourne

Although Tip Top and Waterbourne will not be liable for any injuries, Waterbourne will have the best possible water safety in place to ensure all entrants are safe when competing.

Waterbourne will be working with qualified lifeguards and local yacht clubs, as your safety is paramount to us. Water Safety courses are available for school students where they will be taught basic water safety skills, paddle boarding, sailing and swimming skills.