1.1 These terms and conditions may be subject to change at any time, without notification by Waterbourne.

1.2 Terms and conditions for the purchase of tickets will be available at the time of purchase through the designated sale agent. If in the event of their terms and conditions being in conflict with these terms and conditions or making no specification on a matter, these terms and conditions will be considered superior and will apply.

Intellectual Property

2.1 The name ‘Waterbourne’ is a registered trademark and may not be used unless explicit written consent is provided by the relevant party.

2.2 Pictures and content contained within both websites is also the property of Waterbourne, and may not be duplicated or used without their written and explicit consent.

General Conditions of Entry

3.1 By purchasing tickets for Waterbourne, you are agreeing to abide by their respective terms and conditions, including conditions of entry. Violating these conditions of entry may result in denial of entry, immediate ejection, or referral to New Zealand Police if deemed appropriate.

3.2 Waterbourne will hosts some specific events which are strictly R18 events and consequently in accordance with New Zealand liquor licensing laws we will only permit entry with these three valid forms of identification:

  • HANZ 18+ ID card
  • New Zealand drivers licence
  • Passport (must be current)

3.3 There will be no exceptions made to this policy in accordance with New Zealand law, with the name on the id needing to exactly match the name on the e-ticket at time of purchase. Attendees who do not present the valid form of identification will be asked to leave and escorted off-site if required, with no refunds provided.

3.4 If changes are made to New Zealand liquor licensing requirements, these conditions of entry will subsequently be amended.

3.5 All attendees on-site must comply with all official directives in the event of emergency evacuations or situations.

3.6 Those believed to be attempting to contravene these regulations, or assist others in breaking these conditions of entry (including admittance of those without valid tickets or wristbands) will be denied access to the site, and referred to the New Zealand Police if required.

3.7 All attendees on-site must have a valid form of admittance, which must constitute one of the following forms (but not limited to):

  • Valid and non-redeemed ticket prior to admittance
  • Valid attendee wristband accreditation once on-site
  • Valid media/other authorised person accreditation

3.8 Wristbands and other forms of accreditation on-site are designed to be secure and non-removable (without destroying the wristband). Any attempts by attendees to manipulate or interfere with their wristbands will be construed as an attempt to contravene these conditions of entry, and may result in denial of entry, immediate ejection, or referral to New Zealand Police if deemed appropriate.

3.9 In cases where there is a valid reason (at the discretion of Waterbourne staff) why the wristband has been damaged or removed, the right is reserved to charge for a replacement wristband.

3.10 All attendees must comply with the directives of Waterbourne staff. Failure to do so may result in denial of entry, immediate ejection, or referral to New Zealand Police if deemed appropriate.

3.11 Attempts to damage property of other attendees, or Waterbourne may result in denial of entry, immediate ejection, or referral to New Zealand Police if deemed appropriate. Additionally, attempts will be made to recover costs if appropriate.

3.12 By attending these events you are providing perpetual permission to be filmed, photographed or used in any promotional material by Waterbourne.

3.13 Waterbourne take no responsibility for personal items on-site, including tickets.

3.14 Waterbourne are open air events in a variety of venues. Consequently, entry is at the attendee’s own risk and attendees assume that there may be risks inherent in admission to the venue. Both events and owners of the venues will not be held responsible in the event of any injury, loss or damage sustained entering the venue, including the entry of private vehicles into on-site or adjacent car-parking facilities.

3.15 It is strictly forbidden to walk along designated bus and state highway areas between Waterbourne and other areas. This practice is extremely dangerous for the individual, buses and other traffic, and may result in immediate removal of festival wristbands or referral to the New Zealand Police.

3.16 If at any point you feel that you or others’ health or safety is threatened, you should contact the nearest security guard. In addition, first aid staff will be positioned onsite who can be contacted by security.

3.17 Any attempts to misrepresent oneself as a member of security, staff, or other personnel through the use of high-visibility clothing or making statements as such will be considered a serious offence and the party will be immediately ejected from the event.


Waterbourne Conditions of Entry

4.1 Waterbourne will not permit the entry of attendees who break the following conditions of entry and will eject those who break these rules, at their discretion without warning with no refunds provided. Items deemed to be in violation of these conditions of entry will be confiscated and not returned.

The conditions of entry are:

  • No alcohol is allowed to be brought in to the festival venue or nearby liquor ban areas.
  • No anti-social or threatening behaviour to other festival attendees or staff, or behaviour deemed to be in violation of the intent of these terms and conditions.
  • No misrepresentation as a member of staff or security or attempt to enter restricted areas.
  • No construction or attempts to do so of any form of fire or bonfire or use of naked flame
  • No gross intoxication
  • Animals are not encouraged on-site, where organisers have the right to ask you to leave the venue if required. During R18 events, animals & pets will be banned
  • No use of illicit drugs or illegal substances
  • No attempt to bring into the venue any of the following items (but not limited to):
  • Illegal drugs or substances
  • Fireworks
  • Weapons
  • Lasers
  • Any forms of glass, including glass containers and/or drinking vessels
  • BBQs or cookers of any sort
  • Inappropriate drinking apparatuses such as funnels, bongs, scrumpy hands etc
  • Material to construct fires or weapons
  • Other dangerous items
  • Attendees must allow authorised staff to search their clothes, bags, containers or other possessions for items in violation of these conditions of entry.
  • Participating in dangerous activities such as aggressive dancing, stage diving, crowd surfing or climbing may result in denial of entry, immediate ejection, or referral to the police if deemed appropriate.


Participating in dangerous activities such as aggressive dancing, stage diving, crowd surfing or climbing may result in denial of entry, immediate ejection, or referral to police if deemed appropriate.

On ticketed events, ticket holders may come and go from the event site until 5:00 pm. After this time if the ticket holder leaves the licensed area they will be unable to re-enter.

While reasonable care will be taken, Waterbourne and the owner of the festival site will accept no liability for any injury or damage that may result in injury or damage to attendees and / or their property. If you do suffer injury, by agreeing to these terms and conditions you waive your right to issue or instigate legal proceedings to recover compensation for injury, damage or both.


Ticket Refunds, Sales and Exchanges

6.1 Waterbourne have a strict no refunds policy, if you deem that you have a legitimate reason to ask for a refund, this will be reviewed. It is however unlikely that this will result in any kind of funds being transferred back to the ticket purchaser.

6.2 Waterbourne are all weather events, and will not be cancelled in the event of adverse weather. Efforts will be made to adjust for adverse weather where possible.

6.3 Waterbourne reserve the right to not provide refunds in the event of event cancellation or postponement. In the event that the dates of the event are postponed, reasonable efforts will be made to advise ticket holders of the change in dates and how tickets can be redeemed on the amended dates.

6.4 Tickets purchased for Waterbourne are the events, not for specific artists or acts. Both events reserve the right to withdraw, replace or substitute acts, and make changes to the program, location and / or timetabling where required. No refunds will be provided if an act is changed, cancelled or length or content of the performance changed or truncated.

6.5 Tickets may not be used as part of promotional giveaways, or contests, sweepstakes or in exchange for service unless with the express written consent of Waterbourne.

6.6 Tickets will only be permitted to be sold and transferred through authorized vendors at a time to be decided by Waterbourne. As all tickets will be personalized e-tickets. Tickets that have not been transferred correctly to the paying party will not be able to be redeemed by the purchaser without the name transfer of the ticket, with no refund provided.

6.7 If the amount paid for a ticket is incorrect regardless of whether it was an error in price or otherwise communicated, Waterbourne reserves the right to cancel that ticket and refund the amount paid. This will apply regardless of whether it was a human error or system malfunction.

6.8 In the event of a refund of any sort, the service fee component or other administrative charges in purchasing / delivering the ticket will not be refunded.

6.9 If tickets and / or wristbands are distributed via authorized postal or other means, Waterbourne takes no responsibility for them once they have arrived. If they are lost, stolen or damaged, they will not be replaced or damaged wristbands permitted on-site.

6.10 In the event that liquor licensing laws are changed, the changes relevant will be notified to festival attendees. However, refunds will not be provided in this instance.

6.11 If you do not receive a confirmation email after submitting payment information, or if you experience an error message or service interruption after submitting payment information, it is your responsibility to confirm whether or not your order has been placed. Only you may be aware of any problems that may occur during the purchase process. Waterbourne will not be responsible for losses (monetary or otherwise) if you assume that an order was not placed because you failed to receive confirmation.


Third Party Vendors

7.1 By using any third party vendors on-site, including but not limited to ticket agents, RFID technologies, or other vendors associated with Waterbourne, you agree to abide by their terms and conditions and any associated responsibilities.

7.2 Waterbourne will not be held responsible for the actions of third party retailers, or provide refunds in the event of a dispute.


Privacy Information, Data Collection and Further Information

8.1 When using the Waterbourne website (or any other website associated with Waterbourne Charitable Trust  operating as Waterbourne) and therefore agreeing to the sites terms and conditions, you are permitting Waterbourne to collect the personal information provided in your ticket purchase.

8.2 Customers have a right under the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993 to see and correct any data held by Waterbourne. Additionally, Waterbourne will follow the safeguards specified in the above act to make sure that this information is only disclosed to and used for communication by individuals or companies as specified in these terms and conditions.

8.3 Personal information collected through the Waterbourne website will be shared with the event promoter / organiser for the event you have purchased. They will communicate with you regarding the event and may provide additional information or offers on the event purchased. Communication outside these grounds will require your explicit approval, and any email communication can be opted out by the customer.

8.4 By agreeing with these terms and conditions, you agree that Waterbourne may contact you in future for customer feedback, marketing and other events. You will be provided the option to unsubscribe from this service.

8.5 Any further questions on these terms and conditions or other matters should be directed to the appropriate party. The contact details are:

Waterbourne Charitable Trust 

501 Karangahape Road

Auckland 1010

[email protected]